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Welcome to GenoMod Labs: Four friends who do science for a living, the bunnygirl who lives in their lab, more weird creatures than you can shake a stick at, and a rogue government scientist who thinks he's a supervillain.

Mod science is a relatively new frontier in genetics, one Danny Darling and his friends were already making their mark in before the ink on their joint dissertation was dry. Their company, GenoMod Labs, was just getting started when Hana Kim walked through the front door, a young performer lied to by her unscrupulous agent so she'd agree to let herself be genetically modified. Convincing Hana to stay in the lab instead of leaving with the slimeball agent who thought he owned her was easy, but everything else just keeps getting harder. Their growing notoriety means GenoMod is fast becoming the world's go-to team of experts as more and more problematic mods keep showing up. Not to mention that the media is out to get them, the government won't leave them alone...and they seem to have picked up a mysterious arch-rival whose obsession with Danny just couldn't get any creepier. Or could it?

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Just another mod emergency? Not this time.

When we last left our intrepid group of science bros and their adorable bunnygirl roommate, things around the lab had changed. Danny is still trying to deal with being furry, Dave lost a girlfriend but gained a dog, Joey has gotten engaged thanks to the miracle of science, Hana is planning the bunny-wedding of the century, and Pete is putting some thought into his mother's demand for grandchildren.

But even with everything going on at home, GenoMod is still mod science's version of Geek Squad, jetting all over the planet trying to put out mod fires that other people have started. So far it's been nothing they can't handle, but an emergency call-out to a resort in CancĂșn is about to take Danny, Joey, and their friends from sister-lab Primera GenĂ©tica out of their comfort zone and put them on the front lines of Ancient Fire's most world-threatening project to date.